I Hate This Wine Specialist Grading Shitty Beer So Much

Hate her. Cant stand her. Don`t you dare get all uppity on me just because your educated on wine. For the most part I didn’t recognize half the beers. But Natty Light was in there and got the most unjust rating of all time. Fuck you telling me Natty Light is funky, yeasty, wine-esque,and tastes like purple swee ttarts. Sweet tarts are the shit so that last thing was actually positive. Obviously this bitch didn’t go to college. I know this because 1.) shes a wine expert and 2.) she dosn’t like shitty beer. Like I could be a wine expert too. The only credential needed is your sense of taste. Giving Natural Light a 1.5 is totally fucked up because it is hands down the best of the worst beers. I literally buy two 30`s of it every weekend and I will until I make enough money to afford the good shit like Bud Light. What a day that will be.

1.) Natty Light

2.) Busch Light

3.) PBR

4.) Busch Heavy

10,000,000,000.) Keystone


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