UConn back in the top 25 and Mick Cronin would kick my ass.

UConn getting a huge win over #11 Cincinnati is the bees knees. This game kinda sucked though and was not exactly a Saturday afternoon thriller but fuck  it were definitely taking this win. This was the final win that the Huskies needed before the last 2 games of the season. Have to beat Rutgers next and then a win over Louisville would bump us up another seed come selection Sunday. So  were ranked #19 this week.

Turns out Mick Cronin is equally as scary as his team. One of  those little guys that would beat the shit out of me to the tune of Mr. Steal Yo Girl. I am genuinely afraid of him.


Scariest Teams

1.) Cincinnati

2.) Sneaky USF because of Jordan Omogbehin


3.) Detroit…right?


I Hate This Wine Specialist Grading Shitty Beer So Much

Hate her. Cant stand her. Don`t you dare get all uppity on me just because your educated on wine. For the most part I didn’t recognize half the beers. But Natty Light was in there and got the most unjust rating of all time. Fuck you telling me Natty Light is funky, yeasty, wine-esque,and tastes like purple swee ttarts. Sweet tarts are the shit so that last thing was actually positive. Obviously this bitch didn’t go to college. I know this because 1.) shes a wine expert and 2.) she dosn’t like shitty beer. Like I could be a wine expert too. The only credential needed is your sense of taste. Giving Natural Light a 1.5 is totally fucked up because it is hands down the best of the worst beers. I literally buy two 30`s of it every weekend and I will until I make enough money to afford the good shit like Bud Light. What a day that will be.

1.) Natty Light

2.) Busch Light

3.) PBR

4.) Busch Heavy

10,000,000,000.) Keystone