Diaper Truck Rollover Causes Mess on I-84


NBC Connecticut: Traffic is slowly getting by on Interstate 84 east in Southington after a truck carrying diapers rolled onto its side this morning.

The crash happened between exits 31 and 32. The highway was closed. Then, police were letting the cars that have been stuck on the highway off.

The right shoulder and right lane are open, but police warn that crews will be in the areas for hours because they need to move the diapers off the truck and remove the truck.

Absolutely loved this today. This morning a massive truck rolled over and spewed diapers all over one of the main commuter highways to Hartford. Caused a massive backup and ruined every commute to work for people headed to Hartford. The crash happened at 6 A.M and police are still dealing with the pick up now. I can just imagine a Dad headed to work pissed off at life because you know…hes a dad, and he gets a face full of diapers to his windshield and is stuck in traffic for a fucking eternity. Just the ultimate punch in the balls by the man upstairs reminding you that your headed to your shitty job and have to go home to even more diapers. The life of a middle aged man is going to suck. The title of  this blog came directly from the NBC site. Laugh out loudable.

A look into the future for all men…Fuck



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