How about this chick who turned 21 and flipped her car 4 hours later


WEST HARTFORD — Hours after she turned 21, a local woman flipped her car Friday morning and was charged with drunken driving, police said.

Haleigh MacCloy, who turned 21 Thursday, was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, traveling too fast and failure to drive right, police said.

MacCloy was released on a promise to appear in court March 13. She was not injured.

The crash happened on Flagg Road, near Albany Avenue, about 4:20 a.m., police said. MacCloy was driving a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle east on Flagg Rd when she lost control of her car, they said.

She struck a snow bank on the right side of the road, then veered to the left side and struck another snow bank, police said. The car rolled onto its passenger side.

MacCloy was able to get out of the car with help from another motorist.

Fucking chicks man, they never seem to get it. A girls 21st birthday is one of the sloppiest, dirtiest, tear filled nights ever. Not to mention they are just loud and never shut the fuck up. Every girl 21st birthday I have been too is literally exactly like the Woo girls episode from How I  Met Your Mother. Just guzzling tequila shots and blaming life on their ex-boyfriends. When I eventually have a good looking daughter (I know its going to happen, been such a dick to girls all my life that God is going to ruin my life) there is no way in hell I am letting her near a car on her 21st. And what kind of asshole friends does this girl have that let her drive on the day that allows her to get as fucked up as she wants. This outcome was to be expected.

When you combine a girl, endless booze, a birthday, and did I already say girl? it will 100 percent end in a rolled car.

I laugh out loud at this scene from How I Met Your Mother. this is exactly what girls do when they get together for birthdays. “No your the slut you dirty skank!” flawless line


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