Diabolical Question of the day: What is the correct way to take a piss? through the zipper vs. over the belt


pee through the zipper vs. over the belt

This question was posted on Barstool earlier today. Its a question that I too have argued with my buddies. It turns out I am in the extreme minority here at UConn. When I told my friends that I pee over the belt they looked at me like I dropped a hard N bomb in the room with a black kid. Seriously thought they were going to disown me. But here is why peeing over the belt is the only option and my why friends are fucking idiots.

1. Every time I pee through the zipper the tip of my dick always rubs on the zipper on the way out and its worse than thinking about a tube going up your pee hole. I always get one of those full body shivers that shuts down the mind and causes cringing pain. If the zipper was meant for peeing than it wouldn’t have razor sharp metal edges surrounding the hole. Would you stick your dick in between an open mouth of Piranha? Basically the same.

2. Don’t act like you have a massive package that cant fit over the belt. Every man except for professional fuckers has a reasonably sized dick that can definitely get the job done. Don’t big league me bro your shit is small.

I am right by taking the safe way out. I guess I just don’t like to play with danger.



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