Bridgeport family thinks its okay to leave their dog outside in the freezing cold.


A Bridgeport neighborhood says they’ve won a small victory and a dog is now in a better place because of their efforts.

The residents caused quite a stir over the last week. Many felt a dog was being neglected in its outside living conditions. In a little more than one week, more than 3,500 people have liked the Facebook Page “Help Save The Dog in Bridgeport Connecticut.”

It was created on behalf of a pooch named Bobby. They felt the dog was lonely, and cold, living in a box outside in frigid temperatures. The city shared photos and it showed the enclosure was much larger. It had food, water and in one area, heat.

After much debate, the owner decided to keep the furry fellow inside.

The whole thing about leaving your dog outside during the day does not bother me at all. I am a huge dog guy, have 2 pups myself and they chill outside all the time. But guess what? Its been freezing cold at night here in CT lately, to the point where I don’t leave the apartment unless its a serious situation like I need a tin or food. So there is no reason to be leaving a dog outside to sleep with the excuse that there is ONE heater in his kennel. Get out of my face with that shit. But you know what really pisses me off about this is that it took, “much debate” to get the owners to allow the dog in their house. Hey asshole,when people complain about your dog being neglected you immediately take care of it. Fucking Bridgeport is gross.

Thanks to the only people in Bridgeport who care about dogs for saving Bobby.

Family Guy trashing Bridgeport

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