UConn Basketball has been the epitome of: What the fuck is going on?

uconn men

Lets just jump right into this. UConn sports in general are basically the  only sports people care about in this state. With the obvious exception to  the  hockey teams of Yale and Quinnipiac, it is basically Mens basketball and football. That  is  of course unless your above  the  age of 5o and enjoy watching sports for the fundamentals (Big shout out to the lady Huskies). However, no disrespect to the women because they legit have an an average winning margin of 35 points which is beyond dominant. Not the point here though, lets talk about what has  been both exciting and frustrating in mens ball.

The now  unranked Huskies are 21-6 going to the most important part of the schedule. You know, the  part where beating teams that are ranked count when seeding comes along in March. Recap time

The Good: We  started ranked 18

Uconn started off the season 9-0 which was a huge lift to spirits considering they were not playing all scrub, out of conference, teams. Hopes were high with Shabazz Napier, a preseason Wooden Award considerate, running the floor. Two impressive wins over Florida  and Indiana proved to the country that we werent about to be fucked with. Late game heroics by Shabazz that sent Gampel into pandemonium had me harder than when Kemba emasculated Gary McGahee in the Garden. So 9-0  with two impressive wins was looking great. 9-0 ranked in the top 15 consistently

But waittt, The bad: 

Kevin Ollie – “Holy shit were  beating good teams, cant wait to clean up in our new conference! After all, we played in the Big East with some bad Motherfuckers. Should be easy”  Nope, instead we lose two games in a row to Houston and SMU. Fucking SMU  lead by a washed up Larry Brown never  let it become a close game. We lose to Houston on New Years Eve probably because the Huskies were being pussies about playing an away game on National Booze Day. By the way, not saying Olander definitely got arrested in Houston for  something only a Connecticut raised white kid would do but he definitely did.  We’ve seen his rap skills, they are better than his ball skills. Summing it up, after starting 9-0, the Huskies dropped 4 out of the next 9 with only two excusable losses to Louisville and Stanford (which  is barely excusable). 5-4 and unranked.

But its all good:  Conference Wins

As depressing as the middle of  the season was, Shabazz  stopped being a dickhead by pulling up for ridiculous fade away threes every play and the ball started moving around . Even the big men, who started off non existent were getting involved. Phillip Nolan started to play half good and Amida Brimah seemed like he  may have figured out how to make a post move. The last nine games resulted in a 7-2 record with wins over 6 conference teams. However,  lost  to  SMU again and lost our ranking…again. 7-2 Unranked


We  are unranked with 4 games left against two teams that can be beaten (USF and Rutgers), and two teams we can only  hope to beat (Cinci  and Louisville).  UConn is going to make tournament with hopefully a 6,7, or 8 seed. Godspeed UConn.


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