Does this look like the face of a Westhill High substitute teacher caught jerking off to students in the hallways?


NY DAILY NEWS: Surveillance video shot the substitute teacher pleasuring himself while he watched students walk by the stairwell at Westhill High School in Stamford, Conn., police said. He was turned over to authorities after a teaching assistant caught him in the act. Michael Luecke, a 72-year-old substitute teacher at Westhill High School in Connecticut, is accused of masturbating in a stairwell just as classes began Wednesday.

Allright, this is obviously wrong in so many ways I can barely scrape the surface. Jerking off in a school while watching students pass by is fucked up. But you know what this also is? Bold. I mean it takes alot of balls to just blatantly tug your junk out in the open, let alone in a school with like a billion people there. I have a hard enough time trying to stroke one when I am alone in my apartment and know that my roommate is in class. I know I have time to get it done but I still rush the shit out of it because i heard a soft noise in the other room. But here is 72-year old Michael Luecke not giving a fuck. And here is why I know he didn’t give a fuck. This old hag is a substitute teacher, which is literally the worst job on the planet. There is always one dick-bag 17 year old who thinks hes hot shit because hes fucking around with the substitute. The type of kid who talks about having tons of sex with sophomore sluts but really has only fucked once. We all know that kid from high school and you know his true sex stories consist of lasting 5 seconds but continuing through the pain of post cum pumping so he dosnt look like a pussy. Michael Luecke definitely had to deal with some sort of Hurley hat wearing high-school punk and decided to let off some steam in the form of masturbation medication.  Cant say I hate the move.  Then again, he  was looking at majority underage girls and boys while doing it. So yeah hes a fucking creep.

P.S- Double bold move doing this at WestHill. Westhill has some badass kids in that school. Back in my high school days me and my boys got into a fight with a group of big, strong, hood Westhill dudes after a girls state championship game. And when i say me and my boys I really mean just my boys because I am a total coward when it comes to fighting. All talk, no muscle

P.P.S- I am praying to God that the bulletproof vest/ straight jacket he is wearing in his  mugshot is part of his wardrobe and not given to him by the police.

Full Article Here—>


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